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  • This is probably not the ideal place to do this but whatever, it’s the blog I have! So I just got my first Birchbox today and from the videos I watched, I got pretty much what everyone else got! I’m hoping for more variety and more true make-up samples next month. So. I got: 

    1. Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel

    I love Juice so I’m sure I’ll really like this product and maybe end up buying it. I actually met the founder of the company at a Sephora a couple years ago and she was very friendly and helped me pick some of her products, so I’ve always liked them! 

    2. LIV GRN Earth Parfum

    I’ll definitely wear this. It’s very clean and fresh smelling. A little citrus-y. Perfect summer scent. 

    3. Lavanila - Lavender Body Butter

    I wasn’t super enthused by this sample because I already have the full size of their Grapefruit body butter, but it is a huge sample and I’ll definitely carry it around with me. 

    4. Zoya - Jules Nail Polish

    Probably my favorite sample! The color is a gorgeous shimmery gray that I’m fixing to switch out with the nail polish I’m currently wearing right now (p.s. who knew F21 polish was so freaking fantastic? This stuff has lasted forever with zero chipping or peeling). 

    The extras you see in the photo are little bonuses including a Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer and a little card with wildflower seeds in it. 

    If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a monthly subscription of $10 which gets you deluxe beauty samples. I’m pretty happy with it so far! www.birchbox.com

    Also, if that seems a little crazy to you for just samples, I did a little math and the Juice sample alone is $45 (2 oz) full sized so the sample itself is worth $11 at .5 oz.